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Face_It - a voter registration and election system, relying principally on facial recognition technologies and blockchain security protocols, to secure and distribute an election ballot as the intellectual property of the individual voter. Consistent with the Facebank vision of personal IP, Face_It will be built upon the premise that an individual’s election ballot is their personal property, representing society’s long-held view that voting decisions are a private matter, and that a voter should never question whether their ballot is being preserved and counted accurately. Face_IT will lock-down a voter’s ballot as their ‘asset’, protected in a digital wallet via blockchain protocol, accessible only to authorized voting tabulation systems and, if necessary, voting audit and re-count systems. Just as importantly, each Facebank customer can use Face_It to directly access state and federal voting systems to be sure their vote was counted correctly. Why the name?…well, Face_It, we should have done this a long time ago! 

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