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FACEBANK was founded as a rejection of the idea that Personal Data can be freely shared in a digital economy without repeated, informed consent.

FaceBank is a technology-driven, intellectual property established to become the world’s first virtual bank dedicated to the storage, protection, distribution and opt-in enjoyment of the world’s faces…FaceBank will educate consumers to realize that their Faces are their Assets, and like other assets, their Faces should be deposited and protected in a bank…FaceBank.

FaceBank…It’s your Face...scan it, use it, share it, protect it!


Remember the day when you first gave yourself away for free. It was the beginning of the age of information as we now know it… The Internet was born and you were ready to dive in. Bit by byte, keystroke by keystroke, you began to reveal yourself to a new world, to applications you had never seen before and it was exciting. You may have once been wise about sharing your name and your information with third-party catalog marketers. You knew they were sharing and selling your name, but you didn’t really care. Things happened in moderation in those days. Catalogs arrived in your mailbox, even in greater numbers during the holidays, and most of the time they related to our personal tastes… And your mailbox was rarely full.


But this new tool, this thing called the Internet, was so exciting, that you didn’t care… You typed and you typed, you chatted, and you logged in… You lost control of yourself, your name, your address…your privacy.  You didn’t care...because it was so much fun.


Just stop for a moment and think of the value that was lost…Lost by you, lost by all of us. Well, it wasn’t lost. It just wasn’t shared. America Online was nothing more than a simple connection of people and their thoughts… A small company that became a big company with only one asset…Us…the combination of Us and our ideas… It was Our content that built America Online. Our thoughts, Our words, Our friendships and Our connections…Our chat. Yes, with Our human contribution becoming the greatest driver of this new business, America Online became so valuable and so powerful in just a matter of a few years that it bought the venerable Time Warner that had taken a century to build.


From Netscape, to, to YouTube, to Facebook…Company after company was able to generate huge market value for a small number of individuals whose greatest contribution to society was finding new ways to connect Us, as people, together…and time and again, Our content, Our ideas…created billionaire after billionaire…pioneers worthy of our admiration, because they knew how to convert Our digital assets into their assets…and they didn’t share. Literally, our faces became Facebook and the greatest seemingly honest theft of our time was complete. As a people, as a world, we gave away our most unique personal data assets for free.


Well now we learn the worst of it all, that our assets (our photos, our names and our Faces) were not even protected. They were sold, they were hacked, they were used for objectives that may or may not be consistent with our own.

Knowing then, what you know now, about the Internet, about Facebook, would you give your assets away for free again?  Would you let third-party information companies sell your name and not share the proceeds with you? Would you let them sell your email address, your address, your identity… At all? 


Well the age of the FACE is upon us. You have seen the ads, the applications… Facial recognition on nearly every street corner…Face Scans for phones, paying for products and services with your FACE...the effort has already begun, our faces are being collected and used by governments, by private companies, by street cameras, by kiosks and even by our own devices…it’s at least morally wrong, often unauthorized and, in most parts of the world, likely illegal. Remember, your Face is different than your name and street address…it’s actually your IP…even the pre-Internet laws were established enough to define your face, your likeness, as your IP (your likeness is your own, can be copyrighted…it even passes down to your heirs as part of your estate).


So, here we are... you’re about to be asked again abut your personal privacy and the age of the Internet. Are you really naive enough to give your FACE away for free… It will be everywhere, it will be sold to everybody, it’s your digital asset… you will not be asked for your consent (and you will not be paid) for its use…and you won’t be able to get it back, once it’s gone.

Be smart this time. It’s your asset. Put it in the bank. Decide how and when it is used…If you ever decide to give it away in the use of an app, a greeting card, a text message, or a video game…make sure you can protect it. Make sure you can get it back. It’s your digital asset, so put it in the bank… It’s the currency of your future… Put it in FaceBank.


Face the Facts


  • First smart devices and app makers requested your email address.

  • Later on they wanted your home address and phone number.

  • Then they asked for your fingerprints.

  • Now they want your single most important identifying characteristic: your Face.


Protect your Face


  • Technology is all about pushing boundaries.

  • From smartphones that function like pocket computers to a pair of glasses that augment reality, consumers are excited by each new innovation.

  • When it comes to pushing the limits of privacy and personal information, however, consumers should -- and often do -- push back.

  • Yet they don't realize many companies want access to something that is uniquely yours and yours alone: your Face.

  • Apple has popularized the concept of facial recognition with Face ID, a feature built exclusively for the iPhone X.

  • Want to make a purchase? Forget about fingerprints, that's old news -- just scan your face and you're done!

  • Face scanning is far from a new concept, however. There are dozens of devices that are converting faces to personal identifiers. Your face unlocks a multitude of smartphones and PCs. And it's quickly creating a world where your face could be the keys to just about anything.

  • That's cool from a tech perspective, but do you really want others to take ownership of your face? Do you want every company to gain access to all that is you, including your likeness?

  • We fully understand these risks. We realize the abuse that will occur when app and device makers take control of your face.

  • To combat the face scanning invasion without stifling innovation, we created FaceBank, the world's first virtual bank designed exclusively for the capture, protection and accessibility of your most personal Digital Asset...your FACE!

Why FaceBank?


More than any other company in the world, FaceBank views the likeness of an individual to be the owned asset of the individual. Our groundbreaking, protective solutions allow you to establish and protect your digital likeness from the start. From then on it's up to you to decide how and when your face will be used. Your face is the currency of your future. Make sure to keep it safe by putting it in FaceBank!



The Future of Your Face is Yours to Decide

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