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An Optimum Productions

and Pulse Evolution Production

Produced by John Textor, Frank Patterson
and Karen Langford

Executive Produced by John Branca

VMJ w Dancer on Black.jpg
VMJ - Still Close.png

After years of developing their skills in the feature film visual effects world, the team at Pulse Evolution decided its very first project should be something the world would remember, with one of the world’s biggest celebrities that no one wants to forget…King of Pop, Michael Jackson.


With the support of the Michael Jackson Estate, as founding shareholders of Pulse Evolution, and a long list of Michael’s favorite collaborators that included director Jamie King, choreographers Rich and Tone Talauega, and actual dance cast members from Michael’s This is it Tour, the audience at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards was treated to an up-close experience with Virtual Michael Jackson that left many in tears.


Pulse Evolution, still today, is thrilled to have been a part of Sony Music’s release of his never before experienced hit single Slave to the Rhythm, creating valuable support to the global release of his album Xscape. The Billboard Music Awards performance in 2014 was seen by more than 11 million live television viewers, 75 million Youtube views, generating more than 2,400 news articles and 98 billion Internet impressions.

Textor - Personal - South Park - John n

Even South Park got into the act, producing the South Park #Rehash episode in season 18, featuring Pulse founder’s John Textor and Frank Patterson as they enlist their ‘Tupac Hologram’ to track down the ‘Michael Jackson Hologram’ who has escaped.

The Company has a long-term agreement with the Estate of Michael Jackson, a shareholder of the Company, to share in the revenues of any commercial use of the digital likeness of Michael Jackson.


For a description of the Michael Jackson illusion, consider reading this article from USA Today: Meet the Conjurer’s of Michael Jackson’s Ghost, USA Today, May 22, 2014

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