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Facebank represents a powerful combination of artists and executives who have come together to form a unique new company that specializes in character creation and human animation, with an emphasis on the privacy rights of consumers and celebrities as our increasingly digital world strips away once reliable protections. Our team is well known for its work with the world’s leading visual effects companies, but our history of leadership at VirtualBank (one of the world’s most successful pure internet banks) and Art Technology Group (a pioneer of internet personalization) will also make a significant contribution as we strive to be the trusted protectorate of the World’s Faces.


Our team at Pulse feels privileged to have worked, often in leadership roles, with some of the most talented artists, at the most accomplished companies, delivering some of the most visually stunning characters and visual effects sequences known in the history of entertainment. 


Please take time to evaluate the prior work of our artists and our executives as their journeys ultimately led them to create Facebank Group.

Facebank CEO John Textor's film reel, while in leadership of Digital Domain ( 2005-2012 )

Facebank's VFX Supervisor Ramahan Faulk's film reel

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